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Q. Will Motor Master CV rebuild kits work on aftermarket axles CV joints?

A. The Motor Master CV Rebuild Kits are designed for repair of your stock or OE axles! They will not always work on aftermarket joints. If you have an aftermarket axle or feel the CV joints are not original equipment we can still help. You should contact us with the details of the cage or inner race you are trying to fix. If you supply us with the measurements that we list out in the Cage or Inner Race sections of the website we might just have some parts that work for you.

Q. Whats The Difference Between A Half-Shaft And Complete Axle?

A. Please be sure to review the product details on the items you are ordering.  Since all of the parts manufacturers do not use standardized naming conventions you should look at the comparison sheet here to ensure you have a successful shopping experience.

Q. Minotaur vs. Standard Axles

A. The revolutionay design of the slip spine that is literally in the middle of the Minotaur Axle sets this axle apart from standard axles. The ability for the Minotaur Axle to operate 30 more degrees at the inboard CV allows these axles to operate at angles the standard axles just can't. The addition of the slip spline that allows the Minotaur Axle to compress and extend 2", accomodate suspension travel, the long travel especially benefites lifted vehicles as it helps to prevent disengagement of the inner CV joint from the transaxle when the suspension is at full droop. These features alone make standard Minotaur Axles ideal for UTVs & ATVs with lift kits up to 3". Minotaur Axles are available for a variety of UTV & ATV models.

Q. Suzuki U-joints Don't Have Snap Rings? What Is The Staked-In Design

A. Snap rings and staking are the two most common retention methods used to retain bearing cups to the yokes and simultaneously center and align the axis of rotation of the shafts. Staking operations use expensive machinery to center the bearing cups and yokes, and then deform the yokes....More Details Here

Tell Us What You Need

There has been a lot of Chinese brand ATV's & UTV's produced in the last 10 years, unfortunately replacement driveline components are not readily available! John Deere, Kubota, Cub Cadet and other OE lines only offer Complete drivelines in some application, so the only way to replace the faulty u-joint or CV is to purchase the complete axle or driveshaft!

Japanese Mini Trucks are another vehicle with hard to find replacement components. We currently offer boot kits, CV rebuild kits and u-joints for some of these vehicles and we will be developing more as the demands arise.

That's where you come into play, if you don't see a listing for your vehicle give us a call, chances are we have some information If we don't have what you are looking for you can send your complete driveline direct to our research and development team and we will do our best to repair your driveline or develop replacement parts!

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