Minotaur Super Duty Axles

The Next Evolution In Axle Performance…

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Designed for BIG WHEELS and BIG POWER
Minotaur Super Duty Axles feature robust CV housings, bars, cages and races produced with ultra-strong Chromoly steel to provide twice the strength of OEM axles. Additionally, our proprietary top secret heat treat process is used on the entire assembly to ensure ultimate strength in vulnerable areas.

Increased Operating Angle
OEM axles were not designed to continually operate at the severe angles created by suspension lifts. Minotaur CV joints handle these conditions with ease by allowing 40° of articulation. Designed to slide on the bar splines that will provide 2" of overall travel to work on any terrain, Minotaur Axles are the ideal choice for ATV's and UTV's with lift kits or extended A-arms. Just let us know what you need!

Look as Good as They Perform
Finished in ultra-rugged red and black powder coating, Minotaur CV joints are protected from dirt and contaminants by Motor Master’s exclusive Dura-boot, made in-house from a blend of special thermoplastic materials that will withstand the most severe trail and temperatures. Duraboots are super-durable, super long lasting and with our Husky HTS-2 moly performance grease, you get the best protection in the industry!

Need a custom length axle?
Please submit the instruction sheet that will provided us all the information necessary to build the custom Minotaur Super Duty axles you've been looking for. Email your completed form to sales@rockfordcv.com

Minotaur Super Duty Axle